Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Lukey!!

What a day for a 4 year old! We started the day at 6:00AM at Dunkin Donuts. We spent all day doing whatever Lukey wanted to do which included playing with his new toys, going to Target to get a new car seat, going out to lunch, playing Scooby Do on the gamecube, going to Chucky Cheese, and finishing up eating a chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream Star Wars cake. Needless to say we are all TIRED!!! Here a couple of action shots of Chucky Cheese, mixed in with the cake eating.

Nicholas took this picture. What talent!!

Even I love pizza!!

Two More Teeth

It is blurry, but I was trying to get a good shot of the two top teeth coming in. The drool is overwhelming. We MUST wear a bib and change it three or four times a day!!

Cupcake Time

One afternoon we were bored, so what better to do then make cupcakes, cover your face with white icing and pretend to be Santa. LOTS of sugar and LOTS of energy.

Almost 10 months

So baby girl is almost 10 months old. She is now very mobile, and loves to pull up on everything. This oftens leads to a bump on the head! About three days ago she gave up her bottle. I couldn't believe it, but she did it on her own. I was having lots of trouble getting her to lay still and take a bottle. To the point I was afraid she might not be getting enough fluids. We switched her over to a sippy cup and wahoo! She is drinking again! It has been about three days and she LOVES her sippy cup. She can hold it all by herself and drink as fast or as slow as she wants. It amazes me how the time flies by!!

Last week she started clapping. These pictures are out of order. She claps (below) and then she thinks she is HILARIOUS (above). It is way too cute. If you start to sing pattycake she immediately starts to clap. Of course, now we do it ALL the time. She also has started to wave BYE-BYE. But if you ask her to show someone "outside of the house" she suddenly can't remember what to do!!

Crawling... Check out this outfit, it is a onesie with a TUTU!! Love it!

My three children after bathtime, beautifully and wonderfully made by my Heavenly Father. Thank you.