Sunday, March 30, 2008

Finding Easter Eggs

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Playing Outside at Grammy's

Some days little Ms. Charlotte refuses to wear shoes, other days she refuses to wear clothes. These socks had to be trashed after playing in the dirt.

Luke got a hair cut after I saw this picture!

We love this picture because it shows off the teeth growing in. His is really becoming a young man in so many areas. Sniff Sniff

Happy Easter

Dying eggs and sneaking donuts..

Party Time

Easter parties and birthday parties...Cake and candy.. Need I say more...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Weekend Away

Okay SO I have been busy. Every time I think about updating the blog, I get overwhelmed because I am so far behind. It is not because we haven't been taking pictures. It is just getting to the computer and posting. So I decided NOT to go back and post Jan and Feb, and just get you updated with what it going on now. Recently we were able to travel to Savannah. I grew up there and became very emotional about having my babies stand the very exact places that I did when I was young. We took over 300 pictures. Here are the highlights.

I took bathing suits just in case the indoor pool was heated. Well, the weather was fantastic!! I told the kids not to get wet, you can see how well that worked!!

We woke up EARLY to see the sunrise off the pier.

I never get bored of pictures at the beach!!

Again, pictures of the kids, NOT getting wet!

The rest are "city" shots, places I remember playing when we lived in Savannah.

The first time the boys have ever played on a "merry go round". I didn't really realize how dangerous they can be, until I watched them run around it. I can see why we don't see them on playgrounds these days!!