Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A No Haircut Summer

At the beginning of last summer, all the boys including Shelley got a crew cut. I was not that crazy about it. So I have declared this a NO HAIRCUT summer. I of course am in charge of cutting everyone's hair. I think it started because Charlotte needs a little trim, but Shelley protests... SO we will see who can hold out the longest... I will not cut the boys hair until I am "allowed" to cut Charby's hair. Shelley is already complaining about how hot he is... We will see..

Meeting Cousin Elijah

The boys could not wait to meet their new cousin Elijah! He really liked Nick. Nick could make him laugh out loud. Everyone is Adorable!!

Uncle Jared, aka daddy, and Elijah

Aunt Heather, aka mommy, and Elijah

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Happy 5th Birthday Luke!

Luke turned 5 May 1st!! He is crazy about soccer and requested a soccer cake. So I baked it and Shelley put it together. It turned out FABULOUS!!

They couldn't wait to dive in!

Happy Birthday my baby boy!!