Thursday, March 29, 2007

8.5 months old

Okay so at about 8 months old Charlotte started to "scoot". It did not take long for her to master this move. However, she doesn't quite want to crawl yet. She can get anywhere she want to very quickly. Like every baby at this age, she loves to pull up and she thinks that she is the queen of the world when she is standing. I guess her attitude might stem from the fact that we all do think she is the queen of the world when she does it. Shelley had to move her bed down because we have caught her trying to stand up in it!!

She also has started to sit up when I put her down on her belly. The other day I put her down on the den floor and went into the kitchen to fix dinner. I went back into check on her, (I could hear her the entire time) she had opened the bottom of the armoire, pulled out the gamecube controller, sat up, and was holding it in her hand as she faced the TV. It really looked like she wanted to know exactly what was so exciting about this toy and what makes her brothers want to play it all the time. I got it on video. TOO FUNNY.

I was trying to get some action shots. This is the best I could do!! Enough pictures, mommy!


I LOVE SPRING. We are in a new house and witnessing God's beautiful nature in ways that we have not experienced before. I am in complete awe and amazement as I watch every new plant emerge in our beautiful garden. This is one of two cherry trees in our front yard. When we moved in the trees already had leaves on them. Little did we know what an incredible gift lay await for us in the Spring. Here it is!! I loved to sit in the driveway, let the pink and white flower petals fall over my head and thank the Lord above for all the things HE has created.

Family Disco

We went to the school's Family Disco. For the boys it was all about running around chasing each other and friends while loud music plays overhead. They were very cute and very tired by the end of the evening. Check out Lukey's cheeks - BRIGHT RED!!

Shelley attempts to get Luke to dance. He doesn't want to be this "STILL".

I got Nicholas to stand still for a quick shot! Then off to find another friend. On the way out, the boys thanked us for taking them to the dance and asked when the next dance was going to be, because they wanted to go. So sweet.